NexGen Rising Star Award

EDmarket acknowledges the achievements of young professionals in the education industry through its NexGen Rising Star Award. It highlights recipients have been chosen for their exceptional dedication to the industry, their innovative thinking, and their positive impact on student achievement and success.

Project Management Training for Dealers & Manufacturers

Registrations are now being accepted for the Fall 2023 session of Project Management Training. This specialized professional development training is uniquely geared to avoid costly mistakes, reduce margin erosion and deepen client relationships by applying best-practices to improve dealership's processes and profitability.

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Looking to Make a Difference in the Industry?

Become an EDmarket volunteer leader and have a seat at the table with other innovative thought-leaders. Help shape your industry's future while building relationships with key influencers and stakeholders to expand your professional network. EDmarket Leadership is now accepting member nominations for 2024. Nominate yourself or a fellow colleague today.

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School Tax Elections: Trends and 2023 Outcomes

Billions of dollars are earmarked each year for capital improvement projects from school districts across the nation. Join an interactive discussion with The Amos Group Chief Officers, Chuck Amos and Rachel Wisnefski, PhD as they discuss 2023 school tax election outcomes using the latest in SchoolBondFinder research and data.

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Pre-Plan EDspaces 2023

  • Nov. 6th: EDchannels Symposium (EDS) & Receiption
  • Nov. 7th: EDmarket/Amos Group Happy Hour (Booth #1165)
  • Nov. 7th: Bold Women, Bold Conversations
  • Nov. 7-8th: Coffee Bar (Booth #1165) sponsored by the EDmarket Equipment Manufacturers Council (coffee available while supplies last)
  • Nov. 8th: EDfest sponsored by VS America
  • Nov. 7-9th: Visit EDmarket's Booth #1165
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Important Dates

EDproducts Gallery Submissions Deadline

Fall Project Management Training Starts

EDsmarts — School Tax Elections: Trends and 2023 Outcomes

EDchannels Symposium (EDS) & Receiption

11.7.23 - 11.9.23
EDspaces '23 (Charlotte, NC)

Leadership Nominations Deadline

Annual Membership Renewal Deadline

Essentials — Summer Issue

Learning by Doing: A Look into How to Design Learning Environments Suited for Unique Pedagogies

Designing Music Spaces: Creative Collaboration Leads to Success

Restoring Community Assets to Empower Education: The Benefits of Adaptive Reuse in K-12 Design

On-Demand Videos

Just Added: Advancing Innovations in Learning: Building Impactful Partnerships in STEM Education

Safeguarding Our Schools

How AV, Space, and Technology Work Together