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  • Have a seat at the table in planning your industry's future
  • Stay on top of issues and emerging trends within the marketplace
  • Build relationship with the key influencers and expand your professional network

EDmarket members play an important role in choosing the future leaders of the Association. Even if you have not served previously, your fresh perspective is valued. New ideas and approaches help maintain leadership balance as well as providing unique options for highly qualified candidates to contribute.

Mission of a Leader

The mission of the Education Market Association leader is to:

  • Generate ideas for possible implementation
  • Contribute content to information-based products and services
  • Analyze problems and propose solutions
  • Oversee program effectiveness to evaluate and sustain quality
  • Develop new products and services
  • Mentor new members
  • Share your view on issues affecting the industry

View Leadership Roles here.

All leadership terms are for three years except for the Second Vice Chair (a four-year commitment) and the Secretary and Treasurer (a two-year commitment) to the Board and Executive Committee.


Individuals in pursue of an EDmarket leadership position must:

  • have a current EDmarket corporate or individual membership in good standing with the association at the time of the nomination submission and/or prior to the acceptance of the leadership position;
  • hold a senior-level or stakeholder position at their current place of employment

How To Apply

To become an EDmarket volunteer leader, you may nominate yourself or have another EDmarket member do so for you. If you are nominating someone else, please check with the individual first to be sure he or she is willing and able to serve.

  1. Submit the Leadership Nomination Ballot Form by November 15th. Those applying for Board seats are ask to attach a brief statement outlining their qualifications and, also indicating three goals or changes they would like to see implemented by EDmarket.
  2. Check as many leadership groups in which you are interested in serving.
  3. Each nominee will receive a link to complete an online Leadership Questionnaire that provides information which assists the Nominating Committee and each Committee or Council in selecting the most qualified individual for the positions.

2025 Leadership Election Schedule


Leadership Nominations for 2025 Now Open:

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Nomination Process:

How the Leadership Nomination Process Works

  • Only the nominations for the Board of Directors seats will be reviewed by the Nominating Committee and put up for an electronic vote by the membership.
  • The Board of Directors is comprised of the Officers of the Association:
    • Chair, Chair-Elect, 1st Vice Chair,
    • 2nd Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Past Chair
    • At-Large seats, and the Chair (or designee) all active Committees and Councils
  • Each Committee or Council will review the nominations from the general call and recommend and recruit new members who they believe can best contribute to their respective group. Each nominated member is given thoughtful consideration.

Meet Your Current Leaders:

  • Board of Directors & Board Chair, Jolene Levin
  • Council & Other Leaders
  • Scholarships & Awards

    EDmarket scholarship and award programs are a major part of promoting the next generation of leaders and recognizing outstanding service industry. Learn more about John L. Spalding Memorial Scholarship and the David McCurrach Distinguished Service Award.

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