Tap Into New Sales Leads With SchoolBondFinder

How much of the over $100 billion in bond-funded capital expected by 2020 is in your market?

With SchoolBondFinder, EDmarket members can position their companies as a knowledgeable resource for school district administrators at a time in the buying cycle that makes the most sense. Find information about bond amounts, project types, and districts via SchoolBondFinder’s interactive cloud-based platform.

Timing is everything…

Billions of dollars are marked each year for capital improvement projects from school districts across the nation. SchoolBondFinder provides companies the ability to filter bond funding projects specific to their solutions, providing invaluable insight into current and future needs of districts across the county.

  • EDmarket members receive a special 10% discount off schoolbondfinder’s database service
  • Search and by filter by state, bond type, amount and status; export detailed reports
  • Find key district employee information to help identify the right people more quickly
  • Set up alerts to receive the latest information as it becomes available
  • Have access to every phase of the bond cycle

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About SchoolBondFinder

SchoolBondFinder is the first comprehensive, online database tracking K12 bond–funded capital improvement projects in the United States, enabling education partners the opportunity to offer the right solutions at the right time for a district. SchoolBondFinder puts all necessary information in one easy to use website and eliminates the need to do hours of online searching, improving efficiency and effectiveness of your team. Uncover relevant capital projects and track their progress as they move through the bond funding process. With SchoolBondFinder at your fingertips, your organization can proactively act as an informed resource for school district administrators helping to shape smart decisions. www.SchoolBondFinder.com