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Health Insurance


We recognize employers want to keep costs down while employees and their dependents are facing serious challenges in paying for the health care or benefits that they need.

Our fully ACA compliant, Level-Funded, Limited Day Medical Benefit program is the most unique and comprehensive of its kind. This program has been built to be the most affordable healthcare benefit solution to satisfy both employer mandates and avoid penalties. It has also been designed to give employees and their families the most affordable first dollar coverage on benefits that matter.

National, guaranteed issued association plan

Customizable plan designs make it easy for you to find the right fit for your group.

Receive money back in years when claims are lower than expected.

An experienced team is always ready to provide expertise before, during, and after you've chosen your plan.

By offering this benefit to your employees you are promoting a cost-effective strategy while delivering a benefit package your employees will appreciate. This program features No Deductibles, Affordable Co-Pays, up to 6 Levels of Benefits for employees to choose from along with 2 of the most affordable, actuarially certified, Minimum Value solutions in the industry.

800.395.5550 | Contact Us | EDmarket.com