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Founded in 1916, EDmarket is a nonprofit trade association whose members are thought-leaders in the industry. Our association connects manufacturers, dealers, architects, designers, and schools to positively impact education. We are the resource that is focused on understanding how physical space, pedagogy, and technology converge to improve student outcomes inspire the future of education.


The Education Market Association represents, connects, and serves people who want to succeed in the education market by providing events, opportunities, resources and leadership to those serving education.


EDmarket Team

Jim McGarry

  • President/CEO
  • (301) 495-0223
Adrienne Dayton

Adrienne Dayton

Vice President - Content & Learning
(301) 495-0234

Scott Beyer

Scott Beyer

Director of Business Development
(301) 495-0308

Heather Tuley

Heather Tuley

Program & Content Manager
(301) 495-0726

Karen Prince

Karen Prince

Vice President of Membership & Operations
(301) 495-0241

Kelly Fisher

Kelly Fisher

Director of Marketing
(301) 495-0980

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Scholarships & Awards

EDmarket scholarship and award programs are a major part of promoting the next generation of leaders and recognizing outstanding service industry. Learn more about John L. Spalding Memorial Scholarship and the David McCurrach Distinguished Service Award.