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EDexpo 2015 Town Hall Webinars

EDexpo 2015 Town Hall Webinars

EDmarket Chairman Tom Green and EDexpo Planning Committee Chairman Kent Brings recently shared new strategies to transform EDexpo into an industry event that strengthens the dealer channel and delivers great value to all participants. Webinars for both dealers and exhibitors explain the following new initiatives:

  • $99 per night hotel room rates to lower dealer travel costs
  • Dealer grants for school customers
  • Invitations to key purchasing influencers
  • Expansion of the Trendsetter Blogger Program for more exposure & product feedback
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Social Media Groups are the Best Way to Reach Today’s B2B Buyer

EDmarket Essentials Weekly Article

Technology sales don’t require selling things to people, because they mostly buy it from businesses after online research and often after following the direction of thought leaders and subject matter experts. This guidance is sought out online places like Facebook and LinkedIn Groups.
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