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Kathy Balogh Joins EDmarket Team

The Education Market Association (EDmarket) is pleased to announce that industry veteran Kathy Balogh has been hired to help increase engagement and communication among the EDexpo dealer community.

Kathy is uniquely positioned to help grow the educational products marketplace. She has been in the education industry for over 14 years and has experience ranging from opening a new store to merchandising and marketing a large chain of stores. While working for EDmarket member companies, Kathy has served on the EDmarket Retail Store Council and most recently on the EDexpo Planning Committee.


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Why Reputation Matters In Email Marketing

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When is the last time you cursed the amount of spam reaching your personal inbox? While less spam in the inbox is good news, the bad news is that permission-based marketers still struggle to reach the inbox, often because they’re running afoul of the same rules that spammers break.
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