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The Education Market Association is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of member company employees within the educational industry who volunteer their time to guide the future of the Association.
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The Education Market Association's Leadership Structure

    Education Market Association (EDmarket) Leadership Video
  • Board of Directors
  • Councils
  • Committees
  • Show/Event Planning Committees
Watch the EDmarket (formerly NSSEA) Leadership video to hear how becoming a volunteer leader can benefit you. Duration: 2 minutes 

EDmarket members play an important role in choosing the future leaders of our Association. To become an EDmarket volunteer leader, you may nominate yourself or have another EDmarket member do so for you. Please note that your company’s membership must be in good standing with the association.

How to Apply
  1. Submit the Leadership Nomination Ballot Form
  2. A brief statement outlining their qualifications and also indicating three measurable goals or changes they would like to see implemented by EDmarket.
  3. If you’re nominating someone else, please check with the individual first to be sure he or she is willing and able to serve.
How the Education Market Association Leadership Nomination Works

All nominations are presented to the Nominating Committee, which must fill a limited number of vacancies from a long list of qualified nominees. The Nominating Committee will compile a slate of candidates based on the nominations received. The Committee members consider many factors when selecting a candidate for each of the positions. Some of the factors considered include:

  • Member category
  • Geography
  • Company size
  • Experience in and knowledge of the industry

Lack of past service or experience is not necessarily a drawback, in that many of the nominees are chosen for the fresh perspective that they can bring to their position. Because emphasis is placed on keeping the leadership positions balanced, some otherwise qualified candidates may not be selected. Names not selected for nomination will be placed in a pool of names for member volunteers to be called upon for future service. Please be assured, every member nominated for a position is given serious consideration.

This new slate of nominees will be published in the Winter Issue of Essentials Magazine. The nominees are presented on a ballot during the Annual Business Meeting at the next EDexpo Show. Voting is conducted by ballot, unless the process is suspended by unanimous vote of those present, in which case a voice vote is taken. Nominations may also be made from the floor at that time.

Board of Directors

The mission of the Board of Directors is to oversee the programs and activities of all EDmarket committees and councils and make recommendations to the Executive Committee for future guidance to committee and council activities. They shall keep a close watch on new trends and developments which may affect our industry and make suitable recommendations to the Executive Committee for future action.
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The mission of the Education Market Association Councils is to:
  • Generate ideas for possible implementation
  • Contribute content to information-based products and services
  • Analyze problems and propose solutions
  • Oversee program effectiveness to evaluate and sustain quality
  • Develop new products and services
  • Mentor new members and new tradeshow attendees
  • Share your view on issues affecting the industry
Distribution Council
Develops recommendations relating to the distribution, marketing, and control functions of the full-line distributor.
Distribution Council Login
Equipment Manufacturers Council
Develops recommendations relating to the distribution, marketing, and control functions of the equipment member.
EM Council Login
Retail Store Council
Develops programs and projects to address the needs of EDmarket members with retail stores.
RS Council Login
Suppliers Council
Acts as a voice for member suppliers, provides the show planning committees with ideas and input, and identifies and promotes member services for the supplier segment of the membership.
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Executive Committee
Decides on Association policies and give final approval for all recommendations from EDmarket leadership groups.
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Chairman’s Advisory Committee
Advises Chair and selects the JLS Scholarship winners.
CA Committee Login
Finance & Audit Committee
Submits the budget for Executive Committee approval and monitors EDmarket’s investment strategies.
FA Committee Login
Independent Manufacturers Representatives Steering Committee
Provides programs and services that enhance the effectiveness, profitability, and professional image of independent reps.
IMRS Committee Login
Legislative Committee
Monitors and communicates to the membership government policies, legislative/regulatory issues, and funding opportunities that impact the education marketplace and tests member desire for advocacy.
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Nominating Committee
Reviews nominations selected by members for EDmarket leadership positions and recommends a slate of nominees.
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Show/Event Planning Committees

The mission on the Show/Event Planning Committees is to:
  • Develop the optimal tradeshow format
  • Plan the education component and networking activities
  • Make recommendations on location, dates, fees, etc. to the Executive Committee
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