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 Bryan Ballegeer

Bryan Ballegeer

VP of SLED Markets / KI

"EDmarket brings together all the partners that support the student, educator, administrator at a higher level of success."

Actively Involved In: EDmarket Board of Directors

Independently vendors and partners of Education environments all aim to do better for the students and faculty within educational systems, however together our whole is greater than sum of individual parts. EDmarket is, and continues to evolve, how it is that "whole" to support the student, educator, administrator at a higher level of success.

As a member of the Board of Directors I have the privilege to support and contribute to each of EDmarket's councils and initiatives as those teams best see my fit. This has included making connections and opportunities for the Bold Women Collective, contributing work towards Finance & Audit committee, and advising the Chairwoman and A&D councils.

Scott Moir

Scott Moir

Associate / GWWO Architects

"I want to be a part of the conversation of moving architecture in the education sector forward."

Actively Involved In: Architect & Designer Council

I want to be a part of the conversation of moving architecture in the education sector forward. There are great thought-leaders in our industry and serving on the EDmarket A&D Council is a great opportunity to listen and learn from them and share my own experiences and ideas for creating amazing learning spaces.

The A&D Council's current focus is on bridging the conversation gap between ALL designers (architecture, interiors, furniture, etc.) and the educators who use the spaces we design. Educators have not always had a seat-at-the-table when educational facilities are planned and designed, leaving them, the designers, and at the end of the day (and most importantly) the learners, at a disadvantage. No project can be successful when it is conceived and executed in a vacuum, without the consideration for and input from those using the space.

Mark Beebe

Mark Beebe

Partner / RATIO

As an architect focused on K12 design work, I believe that 'all ships rise with the tide.'

Actively Involved In: Board of Directors, Architect & Designer Council

As an architect focused on K12 design work, I believe in the notion that 'all ships rise with the tide'. My decision to engage with EDmarket leadership is driven by the potential to engage with individuals from diverse backgrounds, fostering the exchange of ideas and opportunities for creating influential learning environments. Notably, my involvement provides proximity to cutting-edge programs and extensive prospects for professional development under the guidance of industry trailblazers.

The A&D Council's current focus revolves around formulating 'best practices' and standards pertaining to stakeholder design process surveys and post-occupancy surveys. This initiative aligns with the mission to provide structured and curated content addressing pertinent design issues in conjunction with the AIA's CAE.

This pursuit is primed to significantly impact our industry. By nurturing collaboration and a shared knowledge base within our sector, we can facilitate the dissemination of organized and curated 'best practices,' thereby fostering enhanced professional support. I believe that such measures will raise the industry benchmark and heighten expectations, culminating in the development of more impactful spaces and elevated standards. Furthermore, our collective effort to enhance access and searchability of K12 ed-space research and knowledge content is anticipated to yield discernible improvements in learning environments and school communities.

To bolster the efforts of our leadership group, I invite the support of our EDmarket membership. Sharing successful project case studies and best practices, active participation in EDspaces, and exploration of ECLPS are instrumental in furthering our mutual objectives.

Tammy A. Andreyko

Tammy A. Andreyko, Ed.D.

Superintendent / Quaker Valley School District

"My aim is to foster discussions on creating environments where both students and staff can thrive."

Actively Involved In: Education Innovation Council, Board of Directors, NexGen, and Bold Women Collective

My name is Tammy Andreyko, Ed.D., and I currently serve as the Superintendent of Quaker Valley School District near Pittsburgh, PA, bringing with me 32 years of experience in education, with the last six years dedicated to my current leadership role. My involvement with EDmarket began as a scholarship recipient for the EDspaces conference, where I found invaluable resources for my ongoing high school construction project. Through EDmarket, I discovered a wealth of information covering various crucial facets of educational environments, including school safety, mental health space planning, optimal learning environments, and adaptable furniture and equipment.

My involvement with EDmarket deepened as I actively engaged with The Bold Women Collaborative and served as a judge and mentor to NexGen awardees. These experiences provided unique insights into the intersection of K-12 education and design, further fueling my passion for educational innovation. Additionally, I contributed to evaluating conference proposals for EDspaces, aiming to enhance the quality of the annual event.

As the Education Innovation Council Chair, my aim is to foster discussions on creating environments where students and staff can thrive. This commitment extends to my participation in the ECLPS program's second cohort, a decision that reflects my dedication to expanding my professional network and knowledge base. I see EDmarket as a vital platform where leading thought education leaders converge to share knowledge, build connections, and drive innovation, and I am eager to contribute to this dynamic community.

The focus of our Council this year is to develop a forum for dialogue and innovation, ensuring that educational spaces are conducive to learning and growth. By facilitating these conversations and initiatives, the Education Innovation Council and I seek to make a tangible difference in the educational landscape, fostering environments that inspire and empower learners and educators. To support our work, I emphasize the importance of continued engagement and collaboration within the EDmarket community, leveraging its resources and expertise to propel educational innovation forward.

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