EDmarket - Global Educator Institute Partnership

A new partnership that brings the best products and teachers together.

EDmarket is pleased to announce a partnership with Global Educator Institute. Global Educator Institute (GEI) is dedicated to improving education by identifying the most effective products for learning and the learning environment.

EDmarket understands the value of what GEI offers: an affordable, objective way for manufacturers to receive real-world feedback and to raise the profile of exceptional products in a crowded marketplace. GEI

About GEI:

GEI is the brainchild of three experienced educators who believe the best way to identify effective products is to evaluate them in real classrooms with real teachers. GEI gives a voice to teachers everywhere and offers manufacturers an affordable and highly effective way to pursue GEI’s envied Seal of Endorsement and supportive material or receive meaningful feedback from the people who use them.

GEI offers manufacturers two vital services:

Pre-Market Product Testing and On-Market Testing and Endorsement.

EDmarket Member Offer

GEI is offering EDmarket members 20% off on either of their core services:

Pre-Market Product Testing

On-Market Testing and Endorsement

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If you have any questions or need additional information, contact GEI.

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