Don't Risk Identity Theft!

Housing Pirates/Poachers/Scammers

When attending an EDmarket conference, always use the official housing bureau or hotel link provided. While other hotel resellers may contact you by phone or email offering to help you book rooms for the conference, they are neither endorsed by, nor affiliated with, EDmarket. These companies are "phishing" and have been known to take payments for rooms that are not delivered. Beware that entering into financial agreements with non-endorsed housing companies may have costly consequences including identity theft, or you may arrive in the conference city to find no reservation at all.

Known entities not affiliated with EDmarket:

  • 10Times
  • ABS Lead
  • All CBS
  • Aromatic Travel LLC
  • Book My Rooms, LLC
  • CBS International
  • Convention Expo Travel
  • Convention Housing Services
  • Corporate Booking Services
  • Elite Corporate Planners
  • Events Plus Corporate
  • Exhibitors Housing Management (EHM)
  • Expo Housing/Expo Housing Services
  • Global Housing Management (GHM Travel)
  • Global Expo Travel, LLC (G.E.T)
  • HDMC Group
  • IEP Group
  • International Events
  • Le Company LLC
  • Right Signature
  • Skyline Housing Inc.
  • Tarzango
  • TradeShow Housing
  • Wholesale Travel Planners

If you're contacted by such a group, please get as much information as you can, such as name of the company, the person calling, their telephone number, email address and/or website. Email EDmarket Customer Service or call (800) 395-5550, extension 1032, and supply that information.

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