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JOIN US! Solomon Coyle is providing a comprehensive overview featuring the EDmarket Dealer Management and Training program on December 2nd at 3:00 pm. Get an inside look at course offerings including project management, sales leadership, and dealer management development.

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EDmarket has partnered with SolomonCoyle to offer a special education program developed just for dealers, focusing on critical paths of professional development. Developed for dealers who serve education markets or who manage business lines that include education customers, this special set of course series includes:

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Project Management Training
1/10/22 - 2/18/22
Registration Fee: $1,200

The Project Management Training Program for Dealer Staff illustrates how costly mistakes can be avoided, margin erosion can be reduced, and client relationships can be sustained and deepened by applying a best-practice PM mindset.

Course content consists of interactive classes, including a wealth of support materials, and is a highly cost-effective way for Project Managers to better understand their role and learn practical ways to improve the dealership's processes and profitability, from project inception to completion.

Learning Objectives

Your project management team will hone their skills and elevate their professionalism for delivering smart project management solutions with higher quality, better accountability, and greater value.

  • Create sound project plans and effectively manage the project, the client and the contract
  • Perform accurate installation estimates using the Solomon Coyle methodology
  • Reduce margin erosion throughout the project
  • Incorporate best practices for managing each aspect of the project effectively, from quote to invoice
  • Minimize cost overruns and improve on-time delivery through better project tracking

Sales Leadership Development
3/1/22 - 3/16/22
Registration Fee: $3,500

Dealers everywhere struggle to win in a customer-driven, hyper-competitive landscape. Winning, when it happens, feels good. It would feel even better to win consistently.

Our goal is the development of sales leaders who can align the dealer's brand, strategic vision and business plan with people, process, methods and technology; energize and develop their sales teams; and produce an attractive and sustainable return on investment in the sales operation. The program is based on data and insights gained from more than 60 years combined of Solomon Coyle experience in research, consulting and education for high-performing dealerships across North America.


The curriculum provides a brisk yet rich learning experience with six areas of concentration in which a sales leader must show competence, if not mastery, to produce repeatable success. These areas are revealed again and again in our operational and financial benchmarking and compensation research.

The learning sessions that make up these areas of concentration work independently, collectively and cumulatively to positively impact five key success factors for sales leadership:

  • Strategic alignment
  • Planning acumen
  • Talent management
  • Performance management
  • People development

The significance of each area of concentration is outlined below. You can also view the impact matrix to see the program sessions by area of concentration and how major topics within the sessions contribute to the development of successful sales leaders.

Dealer Management Development
Mid-March through Mid-June
Registration Fee: $7,500

This is a targeted learning experience for management-level individuals who lead or are preparing to lead critical aspects of their company. The program equips them to understand the evolving complexity of the dealer business and to position the company for sustained success amidst change and disruption.

Maintaining customer relevancy is a daily challenge when customers themselves struggle to adapt to complexity resulting from economic, technological, geopolitical or generational change. By providing a deep, cross-functional analysis of dealer inner-workings from all prespectives, this program helps to reduce internal complexity, foster common understandings of quality and value, and promote commitment to high performance and customer satisfaction throughout the dealership. Managers who complete the program should be well equipped with knowledge, tools and insights to drive the business forward toward sustainable efficiency, profitability, and market relevance.


The program covers eight areas of concentration, featuring Solomon Coyle's annual operational and financial benchmarking research, which reveals the ins and outs of today's top performing dealers. The aim for these eight areas of concentration and the learning sessions they include is to positively impact five key dealer success factors:

  • Competence in strategic planning and execution
  • Realistic, well-defined business model
  • Strong financial position
  • Superb selling organization
  • Operational excellence

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