s Creating a Sense of Place for Young Children's Environments

Creating a Sense of Place for Young Children's Environments

Research indicates that space is a powerful regulator of young children's behavior, learning, and emotional development. There are many traditionally accepted codes that permeate preschool spaces. Early childhood experts are beginning to look at new ways to break these antiquated codes to turn the space of the classroom into a memorable place for young children. This presentation will explore design solutions that create a Sense of Place for young children's learning environments through the application of four essential design tenets that can guide the design of environments and furnishings: (1) Nature-Aligned; (2) Heart-Centered; (3) Sensory-Based; and, (4) Authentically-Inspired. Rethink how we collectively approach the design of places of learning for young children in this recording.



Learning Objectives

  1. Define the early childhood classroom's aesthetic code and how it positively or negatively impacts young children's development and learning.
  2. Describe the relationship between the stated design tenets and the contemporary trends of Metamorphic, Biophilic, and Empathic Design.
  3. Distinguish and define the difference between "space" and "place."
  4. Explain the importance of designing classrooms reflective of "place."

Broadcast Date

December 16, 2020, 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM (EST)

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Meet the Presenter


Dr. Sandra Duncan

Working to assure the miracle and magic of childhood through classroom environments that are intentionally designed to connect young children to their community and neighborhoods, Dr. Sandra Duncan is an international consultant, author of six books focused on the environmental design and layouts of early childhood classrooms, and is grateful for the many opportunities she has experienced to transform hundreds of ordinary classrooms into extraordinary inspiring places for young children to be their very best.