Engaging the Whole Student — Small Choices Creating Big Impact

Over the course of this presentation, our expert panelists will provide research in psychology, counseling, and design to explain the fundamentals of why wellness in the educational environment is key to impacting and improving student engagement. Utilizing evidence-based approaches to create spaces that consider the well-being of all students can result in overwhelmingly positive effects on student grades, behavior, attendance, and student'sacademic and social-emotional learning. By challenging the physical environment to support all aspects of learning, thinking,and doing, students will be able to take control of their learning environment, improve their well-being and become more engaged.



Learning Objectives

  1. Receive the fundamental education around the contributing factors behind positive, healthy well-being.
  2. View design examples and suggestions that foster student-centered learning environments that greatly enhance student engagement.
  3. Learn evidence-based principles of movement and touch to help provide sensory information that can mitigate learning differences impacted by neurodiversity.
  4. Learn cost-effective design options to improve wellness and increase engagement within the learning environment.

Broadcast Date

October 12, 2022, 2:00 PM (ET)

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Meet the Presenters


Aaron Buehring
Director of Educational Environments

Aaron Buehringhas more than 10 years of interior design experience. His background as a professional anthropologist and interior designer offers a unique perspective on how humans interact with space and environments which informs his design process and outcomes. Aaronis passionate about delivering the most current thought leadership in NextGen learning environments through continuous learning, leading his own research initiatives, and presenting at educational conferences.


Anna Iversen
University of California
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Anna Iversen is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist currently working with the Student Health Clinic at University of California, Santa Cruz where she provides behavioral health consultation and supports efforts towards integrated health care. Additional areas of interest and expertise include anxiety, developmental trauma, PTSD, addressing addiction and other unsafe behaviors, grief and loss, co-dependency, relationship skills and working with individuals who have chronic medical conditions to improve their overall functioning.


John Myers

For the better part of 30 years, John has worked with corporate and education clients helping them improve and impact their physical environments through the thoughtful application of progressive design and furnishings. For the past 12 years, John has focused his passion for solution-based design on the education market with a deep investment on how agile furniture and student-centered design can impact learning outcomes.