Mobilize the Future of School: Education 4.0

Schools play a critical role in preparing students to be productive global citizens and capable members of the modern workforce for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The World Economic Forum characterizes high-quality learning models for the Fourth Industrial Revolution as “Education 4.0”. This framework, established before the pandemic, must now exist in a disruptive world of social, economic, and political instability where 19th and 20th century ideologies are crumbling. In this conversation, we will examine pioneering schools that embrace the critical characteristics of Education 4.0 and are mobilizing the masses to shift education.



Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the need for Education 4.0 while acknowledging the disruptions that exist.
  2. Explore pioneering schools that diverge from traditional educational delivery methods.
  3. Analyze the characteristics and specific approaches of these pioneering programs through the lens of disruption.
  4. Predict how the characteristics of Education 4.0 will adapt, evolve, and emerge through this once-in-a-generation opportunity of re-evaluation.

Broadcast Date

July 20, 2022, 2:00 PM (ET)

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Meet the Presenters


Laura Casai
TMP Architecture
Director of Interior Design

Since joining TMP Architecture over 17 years ago, Laura has led the interior design efforts on many significant projects for K-12 and college / university clients. Laura’s interior design work as an Educational Market Strategist includes over 525 projects for K-12, university, and private owners and has resulted in functional, flexible, and vibrant environments for all age groups.


Nandita Mishra
TMP Architecture

Nandita focuses on educational planning, design, and project management of educational facilities. Nandita is a thought leader in the field of K-12 educational facility planning and a certified educational planner with the Association for Learning Environments, of which she is the Michigan Chapter President. Her work is further supported by her background in teaching epitomizing her passion for the creation of learning environments that support the whole child.