Designing Science Labs for a New Era in STEM Education

The study and practice of science is in a near-constant state of evolution. It is a field driven by discovery and characterized by its propensity to disrupt the status quo. Ever-advancing knowledge and technologies necessitate change in the tools, skills, and methodologies used to “do science” and, by extension, the spaces where science is learned and applied. To meet the challenges of an increasingly complex world, modern science learning environments must serve as technically sophisticated and inspiring spaces that facilitate deep learning and integrate students into an authentic community of science practice. Building on a research-based understanding of the science behind learning and the unique nature of the contextualized process of science learning, this session will explore the evolving typology of modern science labs to connect best practices from higher education environments to K-12 and community college settings. Valuable insight from new construction and renovation projects, including K-12 and higher ed projects that will be shared, forwarding a next-generation approach to science education. Drawing inspiration from the collaborative process of scientific innovation, participants will be engaged in small group guided discussion to explore the evolution of science education and its impact on the design of forward-thinking laboratory environments.



Learning Objectives

  1. Receive the tools required to reimagine the student experience in the laboratory settings on their campus.
  2. Gain insights from research-based advances and case studies to provide greater flexibility and functionality for science labs.
  3. Make connections between university, community college and K-12 environments to improve each.
  4. Be able to best align the design of their campus’s science education spaces with curriculum and generational learning styles.

Broadcast Date

June 05, 2024, 2:00pm ET

Registration Price

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Nonmember Price: $25.00

Meet the Presenters


Carissa Oyedele
Vice President

As a leader, project manager, and architect in the Education Studio in Atlanta, Carissa brings vast experience in international and domestic architectural design, with a focus on STEM education. She is passionate about transforming underserved communities through the built environment and prioritizes Justice, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the core of her approach. Carissa is actively involved in her community and has been recognized as a designer and industry leader with multiple awards.


Sangeetha Karthik

Sangeetha has 22 years of experience in education architecture and is a thought-leader in the area of STEM. She believes education design should plan for the future, through project-based learning and simulated environments. She excels in creating spaces that mimic the real-world, train collaboration, and are student-driven to foster engaged, self-directed learners.


Anthony Wang
Vice President & Studio Design Director

In his 35+ year career, Anthony has worked for renowned architectural practices worldwide, designing and managing a wide range of project types throughout the U.S. and Asia. A leader, accomplished designer, and true collaborator in Corgan’s LA Education office, Anthony works with his clients to solve complex design challenges, particularly within the STEM field. He actively contributes to mentorship and thought leadership efforts in the AE industry and is a proponent of sustainability working to create a more environmentally conscious, sustainable future.


Margaret Lutton
Tarrant County College District
Executive Director of Institutional and Strategic Project Development | Real Estate and Facilities

Margaret Lutton is the Executive Director of Institutional and Strategic Development for Tarrant County College District. She has a Bachelor of Architecture from Texas Tech University, and her background includes commercial architecture. After working for various architecture firms, she began with the college as an adjunct teacher and worked for TCCD full-time for 12 years before she landed a position with the Real Estate and Facilities department 14 years ago. Margaret is currently working on the redevelopment of the NW Campus and the SE Campus totaling over $500M as a part of an $825M Bond Program. She also oversees the departments Asset Management, Facilities Administration and Resource Administration as a part of the strategic development of the district’s real estate. Her role involves master planning and the creation of the college’s capital improvement plans.