s Designing the Learning Environment for Hy-Flex Instructional

Designing the Learning Environment for Hy-Flex Instructional Design

COVID-19 made the Hybrid-Flexible (Hy-Flex) model essential for allowing educators to continue offering classes that are safe for all students. Hy-Flex classes are built to give students and instructors a choice to attend either in person or remotely and have a significant impact on the physical environment. Attend this webinarfor an introduction to the framework of Hy-Flex Instruction, the key teaching method adopted in response to COVID-19 educational protocols and its impact beyond the pandemic. Discover the relationship between Hy-Flex instruction and to universal design of learning spaces, and its impact on sense of belonging for students.



Learning Objectives

  1. Outline the pillars to Hybrid-Flexible (Hy-Flex) Instruction.
  2. Identify the instructional technologies required to implement HyFlex.
  3. Define tenants of Universal Design.
  4. Outline which technologies contribute to socio-emotional sense of belonging.

Broadcast Date

May 18, 2021, 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM (EST)

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Meet the Presenters


Dr. Erin Lynch

Dr. Erin Lynch, CRA is a former Special Education teacher who researches equity interventions for students. She serves as the Associate Provost of Research at Winston-Salem State University and develops research projects in the area of instructional intervention for underrepresented minority populations to include students with disabilities.


Dr. Mitch Mitchell

Dr. Mitch Mitchell is a former Intensive in-home Counselor and Digital Media Communications Professor who researches socio-emotional development of young adults. He serves as the Assistant Dean of Students at Winston-Salem State University where he is case manager to over a 100 students a semester, develops individual support plans, and conducts research to increase the sense of belonging for students for their academic success.