ECLPS Information Panel

The EDmarket Certified Learning Place Specialist (ECLPS) program offers a new professional development opportunity for district and industry leaders that is based on the research and science of why space matters. Join us for a conversation between current ECLPS instructors and learners enrolled in the first cohort as they share how the program has given them a stronger understanding of the built environment and its critical role in the success of students and staff. Learn why the ECLPS designation is the best way to demonstrate a commitment to understanding and excelling in the design and planning of learning environments and how members of the first cohort are already putting their learnings into action. Hear how current learners are elevating their careers by becoming true changemakers in their district and why they will never look at learning spaces the same way after being a part of the ECLPS program. Come get your questions answered on how to elevate your career to the next level!

Broadcast Date

May 06, 2024, 1:00 PM (ET)

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Meet the Presenters


Dr. Lennie Scott-Webber
INSYNC Education Research + Design

“Dr. Lennie” is a pioneer in exploring how the design of the built place impacts learning (Environment Behavior Psychology and Interior design). The former chair of two design schools, the founding researcher for Steelcase (now Learning), highly published in research journals, an author, a frequent speaker, and Dr. Lennie as a research consultant and designer for learning spaces. She works to ‘get research off the shelf’ / making it actionable for the improvement of the learners’ experience. Lennie is the Curriculum Director for the EDmarket Certified Learning Place Specialist (ECLPS) program.


Jolene Levin
Jolene Levin LLC

Jolene is an entrepreneurial business leader and co-founder of NorvaNivel, an educational furnishings company. She is dedicated to crafting products and spaces tailored to support schools transitioning to more progressive learning models that foster active engagement, collaboration, and creativity, reflecting Jolene's deep-seated belief in the power of thoughtful design to transform learning environments. Jolene is the 2024 EDmarket Chair of the Board, an ECLPS Core Instructor, and a leader of the EDmarket Bold Women Collective.


Dave Broz
Columbia College, Chicago
Architect + Visiting Professor of Design

Dave Broz is a visiting Professor at Columbia College Chicago – Interior Architecture with a focus on education design. He is a former Director of Gensler’s Education Studio with over 10 million square feet of education space designed globally. An always curious, design focused, eternal optimist driven by the juxtaposition of knowledge and collaboration to solve our most complicated issues in the world, Dave serves Assistant Program Director and Core Instructor for the ECLPS program.


Ashley Campos
Chula Vista Elementary School District
Coordinator of Innovation

Ashley is a former classroom teacher and current administrator. She is passionate about elementary education and the pursuit of excellence within to exceptionally serve all students in their learning journey. She believes the classroom is an ever-evolving space that critically supports teaching and learning through its physical design, interior affordances, and relevant pedagogy.


Marisa Sergnese
Research & Learning Consultant

Marisa Sergnese is an innovative, education and design thinking professional with several years of diverse experience in the education sector. She has a demonstrated history in active learning methodologies, curriculum development, instructional design and collaborative problem solving as an educator, school leader, and consultant. As principal education mentor with both the Steelcase Learning and Smith Systems groups, she is instrumental in guiding all stakeholders through the process of design, delivery, and facilitation of rebuilding teaching and learning environments to support growth mindset, creativity, skill development, and school culture in addressing the challenges change transformation initiatives present.


Andrea Stingone, M.Ed.
HCPS District Schools
Department Manager, Planning & Siting

Andrea has been with the Hillsborough County Public Schools first as a Planning Specialist and now as the Department Manager, Planning & Siting Growth Management. Andrea has worked to develop and implement a school wide choice program that was geared towards serving military families and educating students and staff on the importance of global education and leadership. She has also helped students and families find the right schools that fit their educational aspirations in the district’s Choice Department. Currently working in Growth Management, Andrea has the opportunity to review the growing development needs of the county and assist with the purchasing and placement of schools within the county. Andrea also manages the HCPS Green Team district wide program that promotes environmental stewardship, sustainability, and energy conservation.