Using CET to Create ProSocial Learning Environments™ to Impact Student Learning

Today's students thrive in learning environments where the space fosters positive relationships. Creating a ProSocial Learning Environment™ through CET design is a key component to keeping students socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically safe. These student-centered learning environments support accelerated engagement and lead to an innovative learning and collaborative culture. This session will provide a road map to creating future ready students within a ProSocial Learning Environment™ while creating safe spaces. The speakers will demonstrate the process from conception to photorealistic rendering by utilizing expertise in CET design.



Learning Objectives

  1. Understand how students learn and how the environment is important in this learning process.
  2. Identify the learning behaviors of today’s students.
  3. Understand how designing learning spaces which promote healthy and supportive human interactions can lead to an overall higher quality learning experience.
  4. See how CET can quickly and efficiently build and apply ProSocial concepts into planning characteristics that can be adapted to any classroom environment.

Broadcast Date

February 28, 2024, 2:00 pm (EST)

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Meet the Presenters


Ruth Brus
Meteor Education
VP, Learning Services & Solutions

Ruth Brus has over 37 years of experience as a public-school educator. She held a wide range of experiences in a large urban school district, including classroom teacher; math coach; District Mathematics’ Specialist; and District Level Senior Administrator for Mathematics and Science, K-12. She also supported over 200 Curriculum Resource Teachers. In her various positions she provided professional development training and follow up, developed curriculum and provided guidance and support for the implementation of state and district initiatives. Ruth is currently the Vice President, Learning Services & Solutions, for Meteor Education. She works with the learning experience team to provide professional learning and client support to leverage their new ProSocial Learning Environments™ and to create ProSocial Learning Experiences™ that engage and accelerate student learning. She works on writing CEU Accredited content for USC and presents at conferences and via webinars on hot topics and trends in education. Her goal is to provide practical, research-based solutions for each clients’ unique needs.


Kaylie Tucker
Konvergent Solutions
Owner | Software Consultant | Designer

I have 23+ years’ experience in the Commercial Furniture Industry. It all started when I was working as a dealer designer for a Steelcase Dealer in Reno, Nevada. It was here I started using Configura/CET to plan Spacesaver filing systems. In 2008 I moved to Seattle, Washington where I joined the Beta team for the Steelcase CET extension, Smart Tools. This is when I fell in love with the software. I continued to use CET Designer during the next 5 years, while being the Lead Designer for Starbucks Coffee Company. In 2014 I took a position with HNI, as the Design Manager for the Amazon team. While here, I joined the Allsteel Technology Team to help develop and launch their CET extension. During the extension creation, I helped drive development requirements, conducted testing, trained designers, created marketing material, handled license administration, and created an entirely new tagging standard for their furniture portfolio. In addition, I was the beta team organizer and helped onboard and support new designers. I have a deep passion for rendering and enjoy pushing the boundaries of CET's capabilities in this realm. I have recently started using TwinMotion, where I consistently give myself challenges to increase my abilities and hone my skills. In 2018 I started Konvergent Solutions with a mission to help ease the frustrations of designers transitioning to this software. Today, I conduct training, create templates, and do a myriad of other consultative tasks, all geared towards giving back more time to designers. I believe when designers understand their software better it can help them lead happier, healthier lives. I want to help them discover the joy in producing output. Happy designers create amazing designs.