s Designing Education Experiences Inspired Children's Museums

Designing Education Experiences Inspired by Children's Museums

With a new K-6 school that emulates a children’s museum, the Seneca Valley School District is exploring the possibilities of the education journey. The project unites CannonDesign with the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh to advance bold new opportunities for school design. When it opens in fall 2022, the school will introduce students, staff, and families to exciting new ideas around how corridors and walls are used, the building and surrounding natural environment can be teaching tools, adaptability allows for constant curation of physical learning spaces, and how space can take students on learning journeys. In this presentation, speakers will outline the design elements and strategic partnership behind the creation of a dynamic research-based, leading-edge children’s learning environment.



Learning Objectives

  1. Discover how to apply realistic pragmatic design elements influenced by children’s museums.
  2. Gain insight into the pillars and impact of cultivating a synergistic partnership with a museum and a school district.
  3. Learn the process of engaging all stakeholder groups before, during and throughout the first year of project operation.
  4. Discover how to transform a building into a teaching tool.

Broadcast Date

January 12, 2022, 2:00 PM (ET)

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Meet the Presenters


Michael P. Corb
Design Leader

As the leader of CannonDesign’s Houston Education Market, Mike Corb is focused on partnering with higher education and PK-12 institutions to help orchestrate strategies, new pedagogies and physical spaces that empower students and the future of learning. With two decades of experience leading projects across all design phases around the world, Mike combines expertise in project delivery, design innovation, technology, and cost management to help his clients create spaces to fuel their success.


Anne Fullenkamp
Children's Museum of Pittsburgh
Senior Director of Creative Experiences

Anne Fullenkamp is an experienced design director with a demonstrated history of working in the museums and institutions industry. Anne is a strong arts and design professional skilled in nonprofit organizations, universal design, museum education, art, and graphic design. In her current role with the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, Anne oversees CMP’s internal and external design services, including permanent exhibits, galleries, and public spaces. She is responsible for changing exhibitions and artist-in-residency programs. Additionally, Anne handles the execution of business development initiatives centered on traveling exhibits, sales and design consulting.


Troy Hoggard
Design Leader

Troy Hoggard, a recognized design leader within CannonDesign’s health practice, is known for his unique ability to translate an organization’s culture into an architectural concept that excites and engages stakeholders. Troy observes, collects, and distills the conditions and values of a project into dense design motifs that the team can see themselves in. He uses these translative methods to articulate a vision for the project that aligns everyone with the goal of authorship. Troy has earned multiple honors in his 25 years of industry experience.