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How AV, Space, and Technology Work Together
June 21, 2023, 1:00 pm EST

Justin Rexing, MS, CTS-D, Western Kentucky University
Christopher Dechter, CTS-D CTS-I, University of Wyoming

Why Don’t We Train Teachers to Use New Flexible Classrooms?

Patricia Cadigan, Artcobell
Shaylyn Ekins, Golden Spike Elementary

What eSports Brings to High School Community

Chris Ruffini, Saint Mark's High School
Tom Fertal, Saint Mark's High School
Ethan McIntire, Saint Mark's High School

Elevate Learning with Sustainable Change

Dr. Teresa Boysen, Sioux Fall School District
Vanessa Schutte, DLR Group
Marilyn Denison, DLR Group

Engaging the Whole Student — Small Choices Creating Big Impact

Aaron Buehring, Lionakis
Anna Iversen, University of California
John Myers

Health Insurance for Smarties (not Dummies)

T.J. Bullock, Bullock & Associates
Jonathan Rivera, Bullock & Associates

Psychology of Learning Spaces

Sky Cook, Cushing Terrell
Erica Schnee, Gallatin High School - Bozeman, Montana
Raelynn Meissner, Cushing Terrell
Corey Johnson, Cushing Terrell

Mobilize the Future of School: Education 4.0

Laura Casai, TMP Architecture
Nandita Mishra, TMP Architecture

Integrate Learning, Design and Fiscal Objectives in School Construction with FLEXspace™

Dr. Rebecca Frazee,
Dr. Lisa Stephens , University of Buffalo School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Breaking Down the Walls – Outdoor Learning Environments for COVID and Beyond

Jema Estrella, Los Angeles County Office of Education
Shaun Hawke, Los Angeles County Office of Education
Virginia Marquardt, HMC Architects
Jonathan Richert, HMC Architects

Inclusivity & Innovation: Unleash the Creative Potential of Diverse Teams

Jeanne Chen, Moore Ruble Yudell Architects & Planners
Dr. Miguel Powers, Fullerton College
Carissa Oyedele, Moore Ruble Yudell Architects & Planners

Reopening Schools with Safety at the Forefront

Katie Cook, GBAC
Sean McFarland, Sonoma Country Day School
Kristin Foster, ISSA/GBAC

Designing Successful CTE Spaces for the K14 Learner

Adele Willson, Hord Coplan Macht
Jeff Hagan, Hord Coplan Macht
Travis Bostic, Hord Coplan Macht

Addressing Public Health through Smart Purchasing

Lisa Conway, Americas for Interface
Joey Shea, Interface

Supplemental Strategies for Reopening Schools

Jim Seger, PBDW Architects
Serena Losonczy, PBDW Architects
Erica Gaswirth, PBDW Architects

Go Back to School with Confidence: GBAC Certification

Brant Insero, ISSA
Jim Welch, Elizabeth R Griffin Research Foundation

Re-Opening Schools: Lessons Learned from an International Perspective

Jill Ackers-Clayton, Fielding International
Flews Garipov, International School of Kazan, Russia
Jay Litman, Fielding International
Christoph Ott, Leysin American School in Switzerland
Georg Konietzka, Gymnasium Weikersheim

Learning Spaces in a Post-COVID Environment

Aileen Strickland McGee, Steelcase Education
Kathy Waterman, Steelcase Education

COVID-19: Impact on School Facilities & Operations

Dave Jenkins, EHOVE Career Center, Milan, OH
Damon Norris, A+ Charter Schools, Maricopa, AZ
John Pymm, Bonneville Joint School District #93, Idaho Falls, ID

Understanding School Bonds from Start to RFP

Chuck Amos, The Amos Group
Rachel Wisnefski, The Amos Group

Higher Ed: Getting Technology a Seat at the Table During the Design Phase

Facilitator: Jim McGarry, Education Market Association (EDmarket)
Presenter: Shawn Gaither, DLR Group
Presenter: Mark Russell, Indiana University

Planning Capital Projects from the IT Perspective

Jeff Dayton, The Madeira School
Jeff Mozdzierz, Oakland Schools
Christina Lewellen, Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools

Healthy Schools
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