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Engaging Students in the Space of Well-Being
May 15, 2024, 2:00 pm (EST)

Dave Diller, Fomcore
Connie McCarley, Walnut Creek ISD

Leveling Up Learning: How Esports is Revolutionizing Education and Collaborative Spaces

March 20, 2024

Dalton Jones, PowerUpEDU
Dr. Christina Counts, MiEN Environments

Using CET to Create ProSocial Learning Environments™ to Impact Student Learning

February 28, 2024

Ruth Brus, Meteor Education
Kaylie Tucker, Konvergent Solutions

Planning and Designing Contemporary Music Spaces

January 24, 2024

Alan Michaels, The Peddie School
Peter Reiss, ARC
Jonah Sacks, Acentech
Shreya Shah, ARC

Content is King: Enhancing Product Content

December 13, 2023

John Wondrasek, Incomar Creative Services

School Tax Elections: Trends and 2023 Outcomes

October 18, 2023

Rachel Wisnefski, The Amos Group
Jim McGarry, Education Market Association

Advancing Innovations in Learning: Building Impactful Partnerships in STEM Education

September 13, 2023

Jay Barrett , AmTech Career Academy
Doug Loomis, Amarillo ISD
Lance Melton, Corgan

Safeguarding Our Schools

July 26, 2023

John P. (Jay) Drag, Jr., Charter School Associates, Inc.
Dr. Larry Hausner, Centegix

How AV, Space, and Technology Work Together

June 21, 2023

Justin Rexing, MS, CTS-D, Western Kentucky University
Christopher Dechter, CTS-D CTS-I, University of Wyoming

Why Don’t We Train Teachers to Use New Flexible Classrooms?

April 12, 2023

Patricia Cadigan, Artcobell
Shaylyn Ekins, Golden Spike Elementary

What eSports Brings to High School Community

March 15, 2023

Chris Ruffini, Saint Mark's High School
Tom Fertal, Saint Mark's High School
Ethan McIntire, Saint Mark's High School

Elevate Learning with Sustainable Change

December 14, 2022

Dr. Teresa Boysen, Sioux Fall School District
Vanessa Schutte, DLR Group
Marilyn Denison, DLR Group

Engaging the Whole Student — Small Choices Creating Big Impact

October 12, 2022

Aaron Buehring, Lionakis
Anna Iversen, University of California
John Myers

Leading Sales in an Age of Complexity

September 15, 2022

Paul Holland, Solomon Coyle

Health Insurance for Smarties (not Dummies)

September 13, 2022

T.J. Bullock, Bullock & Associates
Jonathan Rivera, Bullock & Associates

Psychology of Learning Spaces

August 24, 2022

Sky Cook, Cushing Terrell
Erica Schnee, Gallatin High School - Bozeman, Montana
Raelynn Meissner, Cushing Terrell
Corey Johnson, Cushing Terrell

Mobilize the Future of School: Education 4.0

July 20, 2022

Laura Casai, TMP Architecture
Nandita Mishra, TMP Architecture

Integrate Learning, Design and Fiscal Objectives in School Construction with FLEXspace™

June 15, 2022

Dr. Rebecca Frazee,
Dr. Lisa Stephens , University of Buffalo School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

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