There are so many ways to book a hotel room in today's digital age that it's almost overwhelming, especially for business travelers. EDmarket works to make this process easier by offering special room rates for those attending its meetings and conferences.

EDmarket's business value to a city is measured by the total number of sleeping rooms actually booked inside its contracted room block, as well as spending on other services at the hotel(s) and convention center. Booking within the conference room block helps EDmarket to maintain its strong business value, which is critical to negotiations with future cities.

Here are other reasons:

  • Stay where the action is! Optimize your conference and networking experiences by being steps away from the conference facility.
  • Ease your commitment - book now, pay later. Groups can coordinate all reservations through one point of contact.
  • Save time and money! Why get stuck out by the airport or miles away and have to spend $25+ each way for taxi service to the conference site?
  • Flexibility. Plans change. Using the Official EDmarket Housing Bureau or hotel link may let you make adjustments to reservations without penalty.
  • Avoid the runaround! Hotels may not book conference housing directly. Instead, they will refer those requests to the Official Housing Bureau or EDmarket.
  • Be prepared! No one wants to think about a negative conference experience, but it's best to be prepared for anything from a crisis situation to a minor inconvenience. Staying in the conference room block means you could be contacted for important announcements and/or updates in case of emergency.
  • Help us help you! If EDmarket does not meet the contracted sleeping room commitment, unfilled rooms can cost the association thousands of dollars. EDmarket may not be able to negotiate beneficial hotel contracts in the future, and registration and hotel room rates may increase as a result.
  • Don't risk identify theft! Hotel resellers may contact you by phone or email offering hotel rooms at lower rates. Beware that entering into financial agreements with non-endorsed companies may have costly consequences including identity theft, or you may arrive at the conference to find no reservation at all.

Please support EDmarket, its attendees, exhibitors and sponsors by booking your hotel room through the Official EDmarket Housing Bureau.

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