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Collaborating for Product Efficacy Studies

Dr. Denis Newman
Speaker: Dr. Denis Newman, CEO, Evidentally, Inc.
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Kylene Shen
Speaker: Kylene Shen, VP of Marketing, Evidentally, Inc.
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When school districts and education vendors and educators work together, obtaining useful information to improve the product and implementation can be low cost, and the results can be turned around quickly. This webinar offers a new approach to efficacy studies that strays from the slow and expensive academic and federal approach that has dominated the education research business model...until now!

Continuous improvement of a product and its implementation in schools is the goal of a new approach to efficacy. While much of this new work is happening in the education technology market, this webinar shows how the new approach applies to any school product.

The webinar addresses the following defining points of the new approach:

  1. Products don't have the same effect on students of all backgrounds, with teachers with different backgrounds, and schools with different resources. Information about this differential impact is essential for improving the targeting of the product.

  2. Records of who uses the product are the key to lowering the cost of research. This can take the form of customer lists, program usage data, and student/teacher surveys. When we know which schools/teachers/students are using the product, matching those to records in the district administrative data or published state data is straightforward.

  3. Since we are using end-of-year sales or usage data that has already been implemented, the turn-around time is very short. Academic research insists on running experiments where users are identified before they start using the product, requiring at least a school year to pass before outcome data are collected.

Title: Collaborating for Product Efficacy Studies
Date: Wednesday, January 16, 2019
Time: 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM (EST)
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Field of Study: Marketing
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