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Marketplace Fairness Act

Ted Firnberg Education Market Association Legislative ChairThe Education Market Association has been active in the Marketplace Fairness Coalition in support of federal legislation that empowers states to update their sales and use tax laws to level the playing field for all sellers. The Coalition is comprised of businesses of every size, sector, and channel of product distribution, located in every state throughout the country. The Education Market Association supports the collection of existing taxes on Internet retailers on both state and local levels. This does not include the creation of new Internet taxes, such as access or discriminatory taxes. EDmarket hopes that applying tax code uniformly to both Internet and brick and mortar retailers will level the playing field for all companies competing in our capitalist economy, so that every company has an equal chance to flourish.

There is currently a bill, the Marketplace Fairness Act, set to go through Congress that would dictate compliance with existing local and state taxes for Internet retailers once tax codes were streamlined. Contacting legislators or declaring support for this bill would help the cause for equal taxes for online and physical retailers, and benefit the cause of the education community and its suppliers by avoiding undue cuts from lack of revenue and reducing price disadvantages.

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Legislative Priorities

  • Protecting the Teacher Tax Deduction for teacher purchases of classroom materials.
  • Leveling the playing field for retail stores to compete with Internet-only mass marketers.
  • Eliminating potential barriers to teacher choice in supplemental products or other negative consequences in the language used in the reauthorization of ESEA.

Legislative Scope

EDmarket is interested in influencing pro-small business and pro-education legislation/regulatory policy that does the following:

  • Encourages innovation and teacher choice in educational materials
  • Increases funding for educational products
  • Reduces interference with our members' ability to provide their products
  • Discourages threats to the dealer channel
  • Has overall positive commercial impact on our members

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