International Attendees

The EDmarket shows, EDexpo and EDspaces, are not open to the public. Only companies which are currently active doing business in the educational products industry will qualify to attend. Although your company does not have to be member of Edmarket to participate, the best way to attend is to have your company become a Member of Edmarket, if applicable. For more information regarding EDmarket Membership, please visit our Membership Information.

There are now 36 countries participating in the U.S. Department of State Visa Waiver Program. If you are coming from outside the United States to exhibit or attend an EDmarket event, find out if your country is on the list of Visa Waiver Countries.

If you do not need a visa to travel to the U.S. you are required to register for Electronic System for Travel Authorization, ESTA. Please go to DHA.GOV and register before the date you will travel.

If you are required to obtain a visa to travel to the U.S. you may request a letter of invitation from EDmarket. This letter will inform the U.S. Embassy that you will be in the U.S. to conduct business at our tradeshows and will return to your home country when the show is over. The visa application process may take 90 days or longer so please request letters of invitation at least 90 days prior to travel dates.

Important Information for VISA Letters and Letters of Invitation

EDmarket will provide visa letters or letters of invitation for registered participants only. Upon completion of registration and receipt of confirmation, please submit your request. Your visa letter will be sent by e-mail upon completion of registration. We are sorry, but no exceptions can be made to this policy.

If an individual registers for EDspaces or EDexpo, requests a visa letter and their visa application is denied, EDmarket will refund one hundred (100) percent of registration fees. For questions on this policy, contact Customer Service.

Attendee Visa Invitation Letter Request Form

After you request the letter you will need to make an appointment at the U.S. Embassy nearest you for a visa interview. Take the letter of invitation to your appointment along with your current valid passport or government identification, evidence that you have funds to cover expenses in the U.S. and evidence of compelling social and economic ties to your home country. For more information, please visit:

Be specific about the dates of your travel to and from the United States. If you have already purchased your hotel and air bookings, provide your round-trip travel itinerary and confirmation of your hotel reservation with your application.

If you are denied, reapply immediately and provide any requested information at your next interview. If you are delayed or denied again, please submit an inquiry about your case by e-mail or call 202-663-3198.

Please be aware that employees of EDmarket cannot assist you with the visa interview process, but do inform EDmarket of your situation so that we may try and assist, if possible. The Visa Assistance Program can expedite visa processing and arrange special appointments with the U.S. Consulate Offices. It is the only program recognized by the State Department and may benefit companies based in the United States with operations overseas. To learn more, go to

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